Kabana Gang

The Kabana Gang is an example of true partnership and life long loyalty. Jacques Johnson’scareer is soaring and he has now teamed with his boys, JayPhil (Jeremy Phillips), Speedy(Bryan Gutierrez), Killah (Nick Harford) and their trusted silent road dude Q (Zac McGee).  The North ATL members are used to living large but they are determined to do it their way now on a whole new level.

Kabana Gang represents hip hop as seen in the eyes of suburban young men who appreciate the craft and admire the legends that paved the way.  Its about party music, getting money, spending money, beautiful girls, and enjoying life. There is no race or age requirement to appreciate good music.  The Kabana Gang will give you everything from dirty south to rock and roll; from Latin to POP.  You never know what you will hear but you will enjoy it.

Their first single, “Spotight” is doing big things and these guys started off with a bang.  Game Tite’s new team is taking flight!