Shaun Anthony

Name: Shaun Anthony
Year Established: ‘77
Location: Inland Empire, CA
Q: How did you first get introduced to the world of beat making?

A: I actually started out rhyming. I’ve always had a passion for everything musically, but it got to a point where I got tired of paying for other people’s beats. I started making beats and realized I had the juice, so I eventually pushed rhyming to the side and took up beat making full time.

Q: What were some of the first steps you took to try to get into the music industry as a producer?

A: Well, I never really tried per say, I just stayed focused on honing my skills and working with local artists and such.

Q: What gear did you start out with, and what are you using now?

A: I started out using FL Studio. I’m still using FL Studio now but with the recent addition of various VST’s and Plug-ins.

Q: How important of a role do you think gear plays in the type of tracks people are coming with these days?

A: It all boils down to what’s the most comfortable for you. I use FL Studio for everything because it lets me be creative. Instead of dealing with the technicalities of the gear I’m using, I can zone out.

Q: Musically, are you classically trained, do you know how to play, do you sample?

A: Lol, not trained at all! I pretty much just go with what sounds good to me. I’m sort of a rebel; I like to live outside the box.

Q: How do you categorize your sound, and what type of music would you want to put out to the world?

A: To be honest, I can’t categorize my sound. I’m a rebel musically, so I’m going to take it just about anywhere I feel. All my beats are created off of emotions, so however I’m feeling at that moment is what transpires.

Q: What can we look forward to from Shaun Anthony?

A: You can basically look forward to some out of this world, left field stuff musically. So keep your ears open!