Jay Bizness

Recording artist Jay Bizness born Joseph Daniel Bailey, in Montgomery, Alabama found a love for music at an early age and quickly learned how to write lyrics to his own songs by studying the Art of New York based rap artist. At the age of 9, Jay wrote his first 12 bar verse and performed it in front of his family members who said that he had an amazing talent. During his teenage years he got with different rap groups but eventually ended up being a solo artist, after having a disagreement with some of the other members because all eyes were on Jay when ever they performed. Once Jay became a solo artist, he entered into rap contest all over the south and took 1st place once, 2nd place three times and 3rd twice. In an interview Jay said, “I always felt as if I was more advanced than the people I was dealing with, so a lot of people told me I might do better as a solo artist” he explained.

But like any teenager from the streets Jay had his run in’s with law enforcement officer’s and was in and out of the jail system. After his release from the Latuna Federal Penitentiary in Texas, Jay changed his life around and focused on being a recording artist. In 2009, Jay moved to Los Angeles were he met some influential people who sparked a flame in his mind to push harder in what he was trying to accomplish, which lead to Jay writing more radio friendly songs.

After being introduced to Kenny Bereal, Jay became more aware of what he had to do as an industry ready artist and begin to write on a different level. From rap, Jay moved on to R&B and then to rock music, plus producing songs for himself in a small home studio. Today Jay Bizness is writing songs for R&B artist’s as well as for other rap artists all around the United states. “JayBizness is the illest” says Florida Producer Unkle Benn,” Dude is one of the sickest underground rappers”. This artist has a different “SWAGGA” when you listen to his selection of beats and how he is creative in every song. JayBizness is all over the internet getting a good buzz, a lot of tweets and a bunch of love from the streets. This is definitely the artist to be on the look out for in the near future.


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