Cash The Ruler

299996_132929933473766_100002702799941_118119_1537366938_nIt’s been difficult to get insight into the street life,hustle and underworld of Washington D.C. until now. Cash The Ruler, the CEO/Artist/Hustleholic has been hustling on the streets of DC since the mid 90’s. Making a transition to “musically hustlin” was natural for Cash. He had already been in D.C. music scene by being a part of several “Go-Go” bands in the DC area. Now known as “The RULER” he’s also been called “The Voice of The Streets” due to his experiences and quite frankly his natural voice. With a voice that screams pain,hunger and struggle, since his first recording in 2007 “the people” have taken a liking to Cash.

Forming his own label Dope City Records and publishing company The U.N.I.O.N. Entertainment Group, Cash has been learning “the business” and adjusting to the industry standards. Targeting his market and firing on all cylinders, he has performed throughout the East Coast, Mid West and overseas in the West Indies. He’s also released 6 mixtapes on his own accord and dime.

cash-rulerWith such a grind and willingness to “go hard”, he relocated to Atlanta,GA in the Spring of 2010 and in the Summer of 2011 he was noticed by Game Tite Records President Lyvonte Mazerati Byrd. After a few conversations, they both realized the vision they shared and decided on a situation that would propel CASH The RULER into the mainstream of the music industry. CASH The RULER’s single “Cant Do Nuffin Wit Me” is now available via iTunes,Amazon,CDBaby etc. His album “No Cents” under Game Tite Records is slated for the 1st Quarter of 2012, STAY TUNED!

You can also visit CASH The RULER’s “know all” website at for mixtapes, exclusives, social network info, pics, vids, etc.