BeatPusher aka Aruntrax

Audio Engineer / Music Producer
Phone: (310) 494-6135

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Aaron Bryant (born in San Jose , California on December 22, 1979), better known as BeatPusher aka ArunTrax.

As a child, Bryant grew up in San Jose , California. When he was younger, he developed an interest/love in music. Bryant was highly influenced by his Father, who introduced a wide arrange of music to him. As he got older, his interests turned more to the production side. He has found success in many genres of music, House(Electronic) ,Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B.

A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Bryant began his professional career as a teenager, producing and arranging For Emu Systems , Namco , GenPlay and Several Artist.

Process of Creating a Track

I Don’t go in with pre-conceived ideas, because if you go in with pre-conceived ideas or a formula, then you’re screwed. You have to go in as if every track is your first, doing that, you clear your mind. Get rid of the left-brain crap. Let the right-brain come through , I can access the left-brain stuff at any time, and stay open to possibility? You can always pull it back and use your experience to put it back on the rails if it goes wrong.

Do you think you have a signature sound?

Yes…. For every song I make I create from a blank slate. I believe in being innovative at all times .

What Gear do you use ?

Ableton Live
Motif ES6
Macbook Pro