Is Your Music Your Business?

Sep 05

Many artists fail to realize that they are their business.  What I mean is, as an artist, your music, sound, and style make up your business.  I have discussed branding in the past so I won’t dwell on that anymore.  As an indie artist you must treat yourself as a business.  There is a seminar presented by Personalized Marketing Group that hosts a session called “Your Music Is Your Business – Make Money & Get Exposure” and I highly recommend it. If you look at how many people are trying to get a record deal and how many succeed you may think its luck and for a few it may be.    However, usually its a combination of hard work, persistence, branding and a little bit of luck.  Don’t believe for one minute that because you are a great singer or rapper someone will hear you and sign you asap.  That only happens for a very very small percentage.  The best way to earn money while you are an indie artist is to become a business an entity that fans will see.     Seminar: 

Lyvonte Byrd