Lyvonte Byrd, CEO of Game Tite Records Discusses Branding

Jan 12

Branding is the application of marketing and bringing recognition to a specific product, product line, brand or even a person.  Game Tite Records is a label but we are also a brand. Our logo, image, name and  employees all make up the brand.  All of these things help bring recognition to our company.  There are so many labels, artists, models, actors and even families who have created a brand.  The family that comes to mind first is the Jacksons.  They created a brand by placing their images in music, cartoons, and business deals.  Today, the Kardashians have branded themselves in almost every market.  The name Kardashian is affiliated with television, music, weight loss, modeling, you name it.  Kris Kardashian is a “guru” when it comes to branding.  Sean Combs is another branding genius.  Hey, we have to give props where its due. I work with alot of artists on distribution and some artists  I have signed to my label.  The one thing I tell them is to remember they represent their own brand (their name) and Game Tite.

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Jan 11