Radio Promotions

RADIO PLAY….Distribution + National Charting

Exposure your music to a larger fan base and increase sales. Each campaign is developed according to the style and radio format of the track. All tracks are encoded and submitted to 2 RADIO FORMATS. GUARANTEED AIRPLAY!
NO Additional Fee’s!

Campaign includes encoding, delivery to 5000 stations on 2 radio formats, national charting, weekly airplay, reports for 4 weeks and a 30 DAY Radio Campaign.

Your track is submitted electronically to PD’s, Station Managers, DJs and radio affiliates for airplay consideration by thousands of stations!

We will also coordinate listening conferences and resubmit to ensure review, Guarantee AIRPLAY and exposure!

Weekly airplay reports are emailed every Tuesday and include total spin count (daily & week), airplay dates, times, locations, formats and
station information. We also provide links to your first detections for airplay verification.

(This campaign will build an airplay
story that can be used for physical distribution and negotiation. Many major labels like Universal require airplay for distribution.

National Charting with Mediaguide TOP 10 Artist/Adds, DRT Top 100 Charts or World Wide TOP 25 Breakout Charts.
Artist receive a copy of all charts or links for verification.
Charting will increase national exposure and interest from stations, DJs and labels.

> > > Stage Name
> > > Song Title
> > > Album Name
> > > Website
> > > Label
> > > Label Contact
> > > ISRC (not required)
> > > Performance Rights Organization (BMI,ASCAP,SOCAN)
Biography (not required if available on your website)

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