Sep 22

GTR is on a mission to help artists release independent projects and to be able to promote their products by covering all aspects of the entertainment business. He also works with a few hand-chosen artists on a more advanced basis, wherein he puts his company name and budget behind the artist.


Mar 27

Young rapper, Jacques Johnson (pronounced JHOCK JOHNSON) of Atlanta, Georgia seems to be a very complex and some may even say, artistic young man. He is a rap artist with a French name who plays the viola. He has been on concerts with DMX, Tech N9ne, Mindless Behavior and more. But here is the kicker, his new album is coming out 5/5/15 and is titled “NEW JERUSALEM”.

Is Jacques Johnson comparing himself to the Messiah, a prophet, or he is trying to imply he’s starting a new era? Even the album cover is interesting. It shows him in all white draped in expensive gold chains, rings and bracelets while his hands are in a praying clasp. Will he be in concert trying to walk on water? Will he be another Kanye West with a very strange artistic view of who he is? Maybe he is certain of who he is and wants everyone to know. His style is versatile but his lyrical dialog is complex and you can hear the level of intelligence with each pronunciation.

In person he is a man of few words. In interviews there is an obvious intellect, but on stage he gives a powerful performance. He may be the first and only rapper to have dropped 30 album titles of other artists in one verse. Yes, you heard correctly. In his New Jerusalem song, he names 30 album titles for artists like, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Kanye, Tupac, Drake, Common, Future, and Nas just to name a few. Every song on the album is written by Jacques Johnson and his single “Bout It” is on some new school Drake vibe. Everyone is anxiously waiting to see what this album is about. The album New Jerusalem will be available for downloads on 5/5/15. However, Jacques Johnson’s team at GameTite states he has so many opportunities and they are so sure of his success, that they are only releasing 555 special edition hard copies with a gold plaque across the globe at $100 each. Pre‐sales for this collection starts 4/5/15 at www.jacquesjohnson.com. These collectors’ editions are a small investment for 555 lucky followers that will yield a high return. This dude is really doing it.

Beware of the youngest in charge, Jacques Johnson. He may make some older artists step their game up. He plans to be around for a while.

BOUT IT ­ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwRGe_37nFE


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Aug 03

As CEO of a growing corporation, I am determined to teach young people the value of limiting the dependecy of middle men. You can make money with your talents if you have the proper knowledge and a good team in your corner.
As I watch young indie rappers build teams and earn money, I am hopeful to see more press releases about entrepreneurs and less about murdered young men. Jacques Johnson is a sign of how talent and intelligence can make your love for music a small money making empire.

Game Tite Records is growing so fast that I am amazed myself. Young visionaries like the founders of Facebook are what make dreamers keep working hard at making their dreams a reality. At Game Tite Records, we are not only visionaries but are making sure there is generational wealth and knowledge.

Lyvonte Byrd

Is Your Music Your Business?

Sep 05

Many artists fail to realize that they are their business.  What I mean is, as an artist, your music, sound, and style make up your business.  I have discussed branding in the past so I won’t dwell on that anymore.  As an indie artist you must treat yourself as a business.  There is a seminar presented by Personalized Marketing Group that hosts a session called “Your Music Is Your Business – Make Money & Get Exposure” and I highly recommend it. If you look at how many people are trying to get a record deal and how many succeed you may think its luck and for a few it may be.    However, usually its a combination of hard work, persistence, branding and a little bit of luck.  Don’t believe for one minute that because you are a great singer or rapper someone will hear you and sign you asap.  That only happens for a very very small percentage.  The best way to earn money while you are an indie artist is to become a business an entity that fans will see.     Seminar: pmgseminars@gmail.com 

Lyvonte Byrd

Lyvonte Byrd, CEO of Game Tite Records Discusses Branding

Jan 12

Branding is the application of marketing and bringing recognition to a specific product, product line, brand or even a person.  Game Tite Records is a label but we are also a brand. Our logo, image, name and  employees all make up the brand.  All of these things help bring recognition to our company.  There are so many labels, artists, models, actors and even families who have created a brand.  The family that comes to mind first is the Jacksons.  They created a brand by placing their images in music, cartoons, and business deals.  Today, the Kardashians have branded themselves in almost every market.  The name Kardashian is affiliated with television, music, weight loss, modeling, you name it.  Kris Kardashian is a “guru” when it comes to branding.  Sean Combs is another branding genius.  Hey, we have to give props where its due. I work with alot of artists on distribution and some artists  I have signed to my label.  The one thing I tell them is to remember they represent their own brand (their name) and Game Tite.