Game Tite Records is an independent record label, based in Houston Texas, with strong music influence from Atlanta to Miami. Game Tite Records was established in 1995 and released their first record in 1997, and has continued to grow and expand with more than 60 titles in the label’s catalog.

With consistence and persistence, Game Tite Records, CEOs and business manger Lyvonte “Mazerati” Byrd, had some what built a small empire. Game Tite Records is committed to releasing all genres of music. Their core values are set around financial stability, and growth to provide maximum opportunities and exposure for their artist, great minds don’t think alike they think alone that’s what separates, Game Tite Records in a class of there own.

In addition to records being recorded, and artist signed to the label Game Tite Records also has models, music productions, digital and electronic music service, marketing and promotion, artist development, recording studio and currently manage over 30 models.

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